The sounds from Urmia

Urmu'dan Gelen Sesler / The sounds from Urmia is an anthology of Turkish traditional songs of Urmia School of Ashiq Music. The album contains 54 songs performed by 19 master Ashiqs from the cities of Urmia, Salmas, Khoy and Nagahdeh (Sulduz) in Iran's West Azerbaijan Province. It also includes an introduction on Urmia School of Ashiq Music which is provided in Turkish (Azerbaijan and Turkey), English and Persian. 
Urmiye Aşıq Mektebi (Urmia School of Ashik) is one of the significant schools of minstrel tradition in Turkic world. It is deeply rooted in the cities of Urmia, Salmas, Khoy, Qoshachay, Tikantepe/Tikab and other regions of West Azerbaijan province of Iran. Dollu Mustafa, Balovlu Miskin and Qul Hartun are the great founders of thhis school. One of the most beautiful aspects of Urmiye Ashik Mektebi is that it has had masters from several ethnic and religious groups: Sunni Turks Such as Dollu Mustafa, Balovlu Miskin, Ashiq Ferhad, Dede Katib, Ashiq Aziz Muradxan and Ashiq Menaf; Shia Turkslike Ashiq Dervish, Ashiq Ismeli, Ashiq Dehqan and Ashiq Bulud; Christian Armenian like Salmasli Qul Hartun; Christian Assyrian like Ashiq Yequb and Ashiq Yusuf; Alevi Turk like Ashiq Huseyn Ozanli.